You''ll love how easy this brunch favorite cocktail is to make Go crazy with having a fun condiment to add to the bloody marry. Bloody Mary's pair well with snacks so what's not to love?

INGREDIENTS Tomato Juice Pickle Juice Lemon Juice Hot sauce Worcestershire sauce celery Salt Pepper Garlic Salt Ice Cubes Vodka Condiments of choice

You add the ingredients for the Bloody Mary into a pitcher and combine really well. The Fun is putting together your condiments!

Condiments option: celery stalks, chunks of salami, olives of any variety, chunks of cheese, celery, pickle spears or chips, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, bacon, banana peppers, pickled asparagus, lime wedge, green beans.

Coating the rim of the glass with celery salt before serving is a great, tasty way to dress up this drink!