Best Eggs Benedict Recipe

Learn How to make the perfect Eggs Benedict with a Hollandaise sauce and poached eggs in the comfort og your own Kitchen!

Ingredients - English Muffins - Ham Slices - White Vinegar - Eggs - Hollandaise Sauce

It's so Easy You Hardly need any ingredients to make this Easy Eggs Benedict Recipe !

Fill a pot with water about half full and bring to a simmer. Split the English Muffins in half and toast them


Warm your Hollandaise Sauce, or make it using separate recipe.


Then, Gently warm the ham in a skillet.


Add Vinegar to the pot. Then carefully crack the eggs into the water and cook for around 3/4 minutes.


Put the two halves of the English muffin, cut side up, top each half with warm, then the Poached Egg


Finally, top with the Hollandaise Sauce and Enjoy.


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